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Service We have the professional team expertise with more than 45-year experience in plastic industry. Govind Plastics as a professional consultant, we will work and give special advice to our customers to fix the problem and enhance the product quality in any manufacturing process. This includes the analysis of the cause of the problems, and ways to prevent the problems that will arise. We are the center of product knowledge and we have most advanced technology from the top manufacturers. Thus, we can be expertise that will support consult and your business growth and success. In addition , we are ready to adapt and develop our product knowledge to be ready in the future market of plastic industry. We also have also training program about the different types of plastic molding for any customers who are interested. Our service includes. Being Aware of customer's problems, investigate and analyze the cause of problems that arise. Researching, diagnosing and solving problems systematically. Providing customer support, the other additional product information that customers require.: